SAE J1321 Standardized fleet testing has shown that replacing conventional 15W-40 with Champion UltraFleet 5W-30 Synthetic Engine Oil can increase fuel economy by 2% for Class-8 and 4.5% for Class-6 trucks

Fuel Economy Calculator for Champion UltraFleet / Blue Flame 5W-30
Current Oil UltraFleet 5W-30
15W-40 5W-30
Fuel economy improvement, %
Avg Fleet Economy, mpg
Diesel cost, $/gal
Annualized mileage, miles
Fuel consumption, gal/truck 20,000 19,608
Fuel cost, $/truck 76,000 74,510
Fuel saving, gal/truck 392
Fuel saving, $/truck 1,490
Avg Oil Drain Interval, miles
Engine Oil Cost (CJ-4), $/gal
* Engine Oil Cost must be filled in for complete savings results
Number of oil drain per year 4 4
Avg Sump Size, gal
Oil change cost, $/truck 340 740
Incremental cost of Oil Change, $/truck 400
Net savings, $/truck 1090
Number of trucks
Annual Savings per fleet, $ 54,510

( Calculator does not include additional savings associated with labor costs / filter costs / inventory reduction / etc. )

ISO 9001:2008 SEMA PWA Champion Brands - GSA
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